In developing quality experiences for students throughout the summer, we rely on hiring exceptional counselors and faculty (faculty by invitation only). While many of our faculty and staff return each year, we require everyone to reapply each year.

Camp Counselors

Camp counselors are matched with duties reflective of their experience. They may assist in sectionals with our music ensembles, assist with choreography in our Music Theatre Camp, play within chamber music groups or lead recreational activities. In addition to assisting with daily activities, counselors are required to be residential staff, staying on campus throughout their course of employment with the Community Arts School. Residential staff play a key role in ensuring participants are safe and well taken care of during their stay.

All counselor staff are supported by a Head Counselor, Camp Manager and Camp Director. During our middle school programs, all staff are supported by a full-time Camp Nurse.

Those seeking to apply for a counselor position must be at least 18 and have a high school diploma in order to be considered. Experience in the arts (i.e. studying music in college) is essential.

Camp Counselor Position Descriptions

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