Art Exploration I

Course objectives:

  • To continue their knowledge with the Art Elements and further understand the Art Principles.
  • To differentiate between radial, asymmetrical and symmetrical balance and effectively demonstrate it in a balanced composition.
  • To understand the difference between geometric and organic shapes, positive and negative shapes in art and design.
  • To continue the study of Color Wheel by expanding knowledge of primary, secondary and tertiary colors with tints and shades.
  • To formalize students’ ability to verbally articulate ideas, artistic processes, and personal expression.
  • to describe, analyze and interpret works of art (including their own), and explain how elements and principles of art can influence the mood or create a feeling in art.
  • To develop students’ awareness of artistic context in history and their roles in the creative process.

All course materials are included in the tuition fee. Course materials can either be picked up from the Whistle Stop location at a scheduled time, or you may choose to have the course materials shipped directly to your home for a small delivery fee.

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