Art Exploration II

Course objectives:

  • To create original art by exploring a variety of materials and developing beginning skills based on design elements and principles; as well as respond to historical, philosophical and cultural prompts.
  • To develop and demonstrate appropriate vocabulary in the verbal and written description and analysis of their work.
  • To participate in historical and cultural discussions about the philosophy of art.
  • To create artwork of acceptable quality using the art techniques like graphite drawing, pen and ink, colored pencil, water color, tempera, multi-media collage, and acrylic paints.
  • To make connections to their world by studying art history and works of various artists.
  • To learn how to critique their own artwork and the artwork of others using established criteria.

All course materials are included in the tuition fee. Course materials can either be picked up from the Whistle Stop location at a scheduled time, or you may choose to have the course materials shipped directly to your home for a small delivery fee.

Wondering why you don't see a registration fee? CAS has waived the typical $25 registration fee for all programs for the 2020-2021 academic year to make our programs more affordable during this difficult time.