Contemporary dance is a style of expressive dance that combines elements of modern, jazz, lyrical, and classical ballet. Contemporary dance focuses on an emotional connection to dance movements. Contemporary dancers are unique storytellers who share their creative self-expression through the dances they present. Contemporary dance classes contain contract and release skills, improvisation, floorwork, jumps, turns, and a focus on developing each dancer’s personal artistry.


BW CAS recommends Footsteps Dancewear for all dance attire and shoe purchases. Footsteps Dancewear is conveniently located at 24048 Lorain Road in North Olmsted. For current hours and promotions please visit

All dance classes require that long hair be neatly secured away from face. Hair should be in a ponytail or bun during all dance class times. Please use multiple hair ties, styling products, and bobby pins to ensure hair is secured tightly and will not need to be fixed during class time


  • Any color/style leotard or sports bra
  • Spandex style dance shorts or leggings. ABSOLUTLEY no baggy pants, track pants, basketball shorts, loose-fitting shorts, or sweatpants.
  • BlochSox in matching flesh tones


  • Any color fitted dance athletic shorts.
  • Any solid color t-shirt or tank
  • BlochSox in matching flesh tones