Dalcroze Rhythmic-Solfège II

Dalcroze Rhythmic-Solfège II is a class for students ages 6-8 and have taken Dalcroze Dalcroze Rhythmic-Solfège I.

This class builds on the concepts we have begun to explore in Dalcroze Rhythmic-Solfège I, and the curriculum deeply prepares students for future or concurrent instrumental study, all through the spirit of play and discovery within the Dalcroze classroom!

All Rhythmic-Solfège students will bring a metallophone (a small portable xylophone) and a workbook to class each week. Parents are asked to stay for the last 15 minutes of class each week to review homework from the previous week. This also provides time for learning how to practice with your child at home and for creating a foundation for a commitment to practicing and learning an instrument. Both parent and child are asked to practice together 10 minutes each day, 5 days each week.

Musical Goals:

-All Skills from Rhythmic-Solfège I

– Learn to identify the notes in both G and F clefs that rest on the Grand Staff (Low F through High G)

– F major, G major, and A natural minor scale structures including half and whole steps using note names and scale degree function

– Use of the Body as Instrument to sight-read these pitches

– Sing, play, move simple melodies within these major keys.

– Sharps, flats, and naturals

– Tonic and Dominant arpeggios

– Intervals (Number only) through a 5th

– Dynamic markings: pp, ff

– Symbols: phrases, slurs, ties, accents, repeat signs, D.C. al Fine, fermatas

– Simple meter rhythms

The Dalcroze approach is founded on the artistic and pedagogical ideas of Swiss educator Èmile Jaques-Dalcroze and is internationally recognized as a proven approach to teaching students of all ages, from very young through professional musicians. Read more: https://dalcrozeusa.org/about-dalcroze/what-is-dalcroze/

This is a 28-Week Program.

Questions? Email instructor, Lauren Hodgson at lhodgson@bw.edu.