Imagination Dance Mini-Session

Join us as we use our imaginations and discover all that our bodies can do! Each week dancers will be transported into a creative world where we answer questions like: How would an animal dance? What would happen if your body was really big, or really small? How would we dance if the world was made of jello? Dancers will laugh and innovate while learning basic dance technique, dance terminology, gross motor skills, rhythm and more! Imagination Dance combines the BW Community Arts School’s unparalleled early learner dance education with imaginative fun ensuring that all little dancers will be creating a solid dance foundation while learning to see their world in an exciting new way! This exceptional experience is the perfect way to introduce your child to dance, or to continue to develop their love for movement and dance!

*Please note, mini-session dancers are NOT eligible for any CAS Dance performance opportunities. To participate in performances please register for a full season class.