Level One Bundle

CAS Dance believes in a well-rounded, multigenre approach to dance education. Training in multiple styles of dance helps dancers develop more strength, flexibility and artistry that helps them become the best dancer they can be. With this philosophy in mind, CAS is pleased to allow students to participate in dance bundles. These bundled dance classes are designed to work together to allow students to experience multiple dance genres and get the most out of their dance training. Dance bundles are presented with a unique schedule and a reduced cost to make this experience easy and accessible for our families

The Level One bundle is designed for level one students to combine ballet, jazz and acro styles. This combination will reinforce proper technique while allowing dancers the chance to develop their self-expression, artistry, and unique style.

Ballet is a classical form of dance with a codified syllabus and unique terminology. Ballet technique uses principles of body alignment, turn out, port de bras, adagio, and allegro. A ballet dance class will include emphasis on proper technique and terminology. Ballet dancers should be able to identify each skill, position, and movement by the correct term and be able to define that term. Ballet artistry focuses on grace, uniformity, power, and precision. Dancers participating in ballet will have a strong foundation in technique, flexibility, discipline, and strength. This foundation will help them not only in the ballet genre, but other genres as well.

Jazz is an energetic and exhilarating class of rhythmic movement. This upbeat style combines elements of cultural dance, ballet technique, modern dance, and forms of popular dance. Jazz dance has many unique movement styles and its own vocabulary. Jazz dance classes contain isolation movements, strength based skills, stylized across the floor sequences, floorwork, jumps, and turns. Jazz dance encourages each dancer to find their own unique style of dance and self-expression.

Acro dance is a fun, exciting style based on five distinct principles: flexibility, strength, balancing, limbering, and tumbling. Acro dance classes combine these principles to teach students elements of contortion, rhythmic gymnastics, and tumbling. Acro dance classes contain a full warm up of strength-based progressions, development of body positions, balance skills, partner work, and tumbling skills. Portions of acro classes are done with a hands on spot, or physical manipulation of the dancers body to ensure safe progression through a skill. CAS acro instructors are certified in acro instruction to ensure spotting is done in a safe manor.

Level One Bundle Schedule:
Mondays: 5:15 – 6:10 pm Acro
Mondays: 6:15 – 7:10 pm Jazz 1
Tuesdays: 6:30 – 7:25 pm Ballet 1