Intro to Photography

Course objectives:

  • To recognize and understand the basic technical, aesthetic and expressive concepts of photography
  • To demonstrate competency with a digital camera, operating a DSLR camera, editing files on the computer, uploading to digital portfolio, understanding basic RAW and JPEG file formats within Adobe Photoshop.
  • To demonstrate an appreciation and understanding of photography as a means of visual and artistic expression by the production of photographs in response to class assignments.
  • To develop the ability to speak about photographs through class critiques.
  • To create an online digital portfolio through Google Sites

Course requirement: students enrolled in this course should have access to a DSLR camera. If you have not purchased a camera and need recommendations, please contact us.

Wondering why you don't see a registration fee? CAS has waived the typical $25 registration fee for all programs for the 2020-2021 academic year to make our programs more affordable during this difficult time.

camera used in photography class