UNBOXED: Portfolio Prep

Prerequisite of previous art courses

Need help in building your portfolio and understanding which artwork to submit when applying to colleges? Focusing on observational drawings from life, you will be guided to show off your talents through a range of drawings and other media to show the depth of your work. This virtual course is designed to help you develop a strong foundation of skills, develop professional work habits, and reach a higher level of skill within your own work while preparing for the next step in your art journey. Guided by expert CAS visual art faculty, students will receive customized feedback on their weekly submissions. No class the week of Thanksgiving.. 

Course objectives:

  • To gain knowledge in individual investigation and discovery within their own artwork.
  • To develop observational and design skills in a variety of media in order to produce a varied portfolio that demonstrates technical skill as well as creativity and conceptual skills.
  • To learn how to combine:  Conceptual Thinking (telling a story), critical thinking (verbal/visual vocabulary), creative thinking (problem solving).
  • To develop strong technical and communication skills, as well as imagination (which is crucial in developing a personal vision for own work).
  • Experimentation is strongly encouraged, as is strong technique, craft and attention to detail.
All course materials are included in the tuition fee.  Course materials will be delivered directly to your home.

Wondering why you don't see a registration fee? CAS has waived the typical $25 registration fee for all programs for the 2020-2021 academic year to make our programs more affordable during this difficult time.