Technique Tuesdays

Technique Tuesdays is a class designed to strengthen and develop the technique needed in multiple forms of dance. Dancers will focus on conditioning drills, developing increased flexibility, and perfecting the technique needed for a variety of jumps, leaps, and turns. These classes will consist of rotations designed to let dancers work with different faculty members and have different class focuses all on the same night. Participants will be divided into appropriate groups based on individual technique levels.

Technique Tuesday is available at a discounted rate of $75.00 with pre-registration OR students have a drop-in option at a price of $20.00 per class.

This drop-in option is designed knowing that for some families, coming to class every week in the summer might be impossible. We don’t want our students to completely miss out on the summer experience if they cannot commit to coming every week. Drop-in classes are a wonderful way for new to experience CAS Dance, our exemplary faculty, our commitment to technique, and our focus on individual achievements without the commitment of a full session.

Option 1: Any color leotard or sports bra, dance shorts, leggings. Dancers will
need  jazz shoes (any color) OR Blochsox/Apolla Shocks (any
Option 2: Any color, fitted tank or T-shirt, any color shorts. Dancers will need
jazz shoes (any color) OR Blocksox/Apolla Shocks (any color)