UNBOXED: Pilates for Dancers

CAS UNBOXED™ Dance classes are designed to provide students with expert dance education from the safety of their own homes. Each engaging class has been built for online education to ensure students are learning and developing in the best way possible.

Each week dancers will receive an exciting video of instructional content. Videos will be released on Monday morning and students will have all week to complete the video. This format allows families to learn in the way that works best for them and their lifestyle.

All materials needed for your class will be shipped to your home prior to the begining of your session.

In Pilates for Dancers we invite you to join us as we cross train and develop the muscle length and strength imperative for all dancers. This five- week course will explore the Pilates concepts that are so beneficial to dance training. Pilates training increases dancers stability, balance, lean muscle development and more.

For this class your UNBOXED box will contain: a Pilates mat

Wondering why you don't see a registration fee? CAS has waived the typical $25 registration fee for all programs for the 2020-2021 academic year to make our programs more affordable during this difficult time.