Viola ad-Venture

“Music exists for the purpose of growing an admirable heart.” – Shinichi Suzuki

Join fellow viola students from around the area in the joyful and fun adventure of learning and playing music together.

This new class is designed for students that are beginning studying viola in their school music programs. Based on Shinichi Suzuki’s idea that people learn to play music through listening, imitation, repetition, and praise, this program will support what new violists are learning at school and further build on those skills.  In an atmosphere of encouragement and stimulation, students will also develop learning skills, concentration, and self-esteem.

Each week students will have private lessons and a group class.  Lessons are scheduled individually with each student.  Group class will be held on Thursday evenings.

In our group class, the students will perform a common repertoire together, play memory and ear training games, and work on the musical details necessary for a polished performance.  The benefits of the group class are social, motivational, and instructional.  Students learn to react quickly, follow instructions, lead and follow while playing, and concentrate while surrounded by others.

The tuition price below includes 8, 30-minute private lessons in addition to 8, 45-minute group classes. Students may choose to extend their private lesson time for an additional fee.

Suzuki Violin Social