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The Baldwin Wallace Community Arts School Dance Department trains young dancers to have solid technical foundations, a passion for the arts, positive self-expression and confidence. Our professional approach ensures each student receives comprehensive dance training in an environment that supports personal achievement, discipline, friendship, teamwork, positive attitudes, creativity, kindness and respect. Curriculum is designed to train all ages, skill and confidence levels to achieve their greatest potential whether their goals are professional or personal growth. Programming includes classes in the areas of ballet, jazz, contemporary, lyrical, tap, acro, and hip hop for ages 2-21, beginner through pre-professional levels.

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Dance Immersion

The Baldwin Wallace Community Arts School Summer Dance Immersion is a unique dance experience designed to bring together dancers from studios across the region, in grades 7-12, to develop artistic growth, cultivate existing dance technique, and challenge new technical development. Each day dancers will take classes in ballet, contemporary, modern, ballroom, hip hop, jazz, choreography composition, kinesiology and more!

Students will live on the Baldwin Wallace University campus and participate in an variety of dance and social activities.

This Immersion is a dance event you do not want to miss!

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Early Learners

Early learners dance programming introduces students to foundational dance technique and terminology while encouraging social skills, independence and FUN! Dance promotes balance, coordination, social awareness, artistic expression, physical development and cognitive development in early learners. Our loving, specialized instructors work with each child to ensure they are reaping all of the benefits of a dance education while providing them the foundational technique necessary to be successful in their future dance classes.

The BW Community Arts School early education programming includes classes in Creative Movement, ballet, and ballet/tap/jazz combination classes.



Ballet is a theatrical art form created by movements executed by the body. Ballet is the foundation of all dance styles and is characterized by turned out legs, graceful flowing movements, balance, flexibility, strength and a focus on strong technique.

Our ballet program teaches students classical technique, french terminology and all of the components of a classical ballet dancer. The pathway curriculum is designed to take students from their foundational technique through their pre-professional years.

In addition to technique ballet teaches students proper body alignment, increased physical strength and flexibility, time management skills, coordination, dedication, and confidence.

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Jazz is an energetic, exciting and exhilarating form of dance designed to help students develop strong technique as well as a unique individual style of performance. Jazz dance blends ballet, African, modern and European folk technique to create a unique style all its own.

Jazz incorporates strength, balance, flexibility, dynamic jumps, turns, high energy music and stylization exercises. Jazz dancers will focus on developing isolations, progressions, improvisation work, and personal performance within combinations.

In addition to dance technique jazz dance teaches confidence, social skills, musicality, and increased endurance.

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Contemporary dance is influenced by modern, jazz, ballet, and lyrical technique. A strong emphasis is placed on artistry, storytelling, emotional connection, and dynamic movements. Contemporary dance students will learn body line, floor work, jumps, turning skills and improvisation.

Contemporary classes include flexibility and strength training along with technical work and interactive dance combinations developed to allow students to create individual styles and aesthetics.

In addition to technique contemporary dance teaches students positive self expression, increased strength, a wider range of flexibility and confidence.

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Hip Hop

A fun, energetic and upbeat dance style that focuses on footwork, changing rhythms and a strong connection to music.

Our hip hop program fuses different styles of hip hop at each new level of class. This ensures that students coming through our hip hop program will have access to waving, popping, freestyle, tutting, afro beats, house locking, dance crazes and all style. This comprehensive hip hop curriculum ensures our students have the most comprehensive hip hop training available.

In addition to technique hip hop dance teaches students stamina, increased flexibility, strength, healthy habits, and musicality.

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Tap is a fun and energetic style that combines musicality, rhythm, timing and strength. Tap helps performers get cardiovascular exercise as well as improve brain power. Tap increases confidence, allows for a release of energy and enhances musicality. It is so entertaining to make music with your feet!

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The BW Community Arts School Dance Company is a comprehensive dance program for serious dancers and for students looking to build their technical skill set. This company will work as a bridge to the dance industry and prepare serious students for a career in the arts. The purpose of this company is to give students the highest quality education in multiple dance genres to create the most well rounded dancer possible. Participants can expect exceptional instructors, intimate class settings, personalized critiques and focused instruction.

If you have any questions about any of our Baldwin Wallace Community Arts School Dance Company, or to set up an audition for the Company, please contact us!

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