Ballet Classes and Lessons

Ballet is a theatrical art form created by movements executed by the body. Ballet is the foundation of all dance styles and is characterized by turned out legs, graceful flowing movements, balance, flexibility, strength and a focus on strong technique.

The Baldwin Wallace Community Arts School ballet program teaches students classical technique, french terminology and all of the components of a classical ballet dancer. Our pathway curriculum is designed to take students from their foundational technique through their pre-professional years.

In addition to technique ballet teaches students proper body alignment, increased physical strength and flexibility, time management skills, coordination, dedication, and confidence.

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The perfect introduction to ballet principles, technique, terminology and coordination. This class focuses on giving students a foundation in proper technique while encouraging them to develop the motor skills and coordination needed to succeed. In addition to the technical aspects of the class, students will be encouraged to develop positive self-expression, music interpretation, flexibility, and strength.

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Ballet 1

This class focuses on introducing foundational ballet technique, terminology, positions, placement, movements, and theories. Students will be challenged to begin to develop cardiovascular stamina, strength and flexibility in addition to healthy habits, coordination, strength, and an appreciation for the arts.

*No Prerequisite


Ballet 2

This class focuses on a deeper understanding of foundational ballet technique and introduces more advanced ballet concepts. Positions of the body, fixed points of the room and staging concepts will be introduced at this level. Additional ballet vocabulary and theory will be taught.

*Prerequisite: promotion from Ballet 1 OR Dance Program-Coordinator approval required.


Ballet 3/4

In this class foundational ballet technique will be expanded by introducing advanced technique, skills, concepts and terminology to the students. In addition to expanding technical concepts, this class will focus on students artistry, music interpretation and character development. *Prerequisite; promotion from Ballet 2 OR Dance Program Coordinator approval required.

*Prerequisite: promotion from Ballet 2 OR Dance Program-Coordinator approval required.