Spotlight Sessions 

The BW Community Arts School is pleased to introduce three 6-week, spotlight sessions to their current dance curriculum. Spotlight sessions are meant as an introduction to different dance styles. These classes are perfect for students, with little to no dance experience, who would like to try a few dance classes before committing to a full dance session.

Spotlight session classes will run March 10-April 14, 2020.

Spotlight session students are not eligible to participate in the BW CAS end of year dance recital.

Early Learners Ballet 

An introduction to ballet principles, technique, terminology and coordination for ages 3-5. This spotlight class focuses on giving students a basic foundation in proper technique while encouraging them to develop the motor skills and coordination needed to succeed. In addition to the technical aspects of the class, students will be encouraged to explore positive self-expression, music interpretation, flexibility, and strength.

*No prerequisite

Adult Tap 

Tap is a fun and energetic style that combines musicality, rhythm, timing and strength. Tap helps performers get cardiovascular exercise and improve brain power. Tap increases confidence, allows for a release of energy and enhances musicality. It is so entertaining to make music with your feet!

*No prerequisite, Ages 16+