Jazz Classes and Lessons

Jazz is an energetic, exciting and exhilarating form of dance designed to help students develop strong technique as well as a unique individual style of performance. Jazz dance blends ballet, African, modern and European folk technique to create a unique style all its own.

Jazz incorporates strength, balance, flexibility, dynamic jumps, turns, high energy music and stylization exercises. Jazz dancers will focus on developing isolations, progressions, improvisation work, and personal performance within combinations.

In addition to dance technique jazz dance teaches confidence, social skills, musicality, and increased endurance.

If you have any questions about any of our Baldwin Wallace Community Arts School dance programming please feel free to contact us.

Jazz 1

An energetic and exhilarating class of rhythmic movement. Students will learn introductory jazz technique and stylizations. In addition to the fun of movement and technique, students will be encouraged to develop teamwork, discipline, social skills and creativity.

*No prerequisite


Jazz 2/3

Students will be taught more advanced jazz concepts while developing their artistry and experiencing more challenging progressions. Students will be challenged to further develop their technical movements, strength, balance, flexibility, improvisation skills and polycentric isolations.

*Prerequisite: promotion from Jazz 1 OR Program Coordinator-Dance approval required.