Cameron Cabot

Laura Davies

Cameron Cabot is an arts educator, creative, manager and strategist committed to advocacy and community engagement with the arts. An active performing & recording artist, composer, director, producer, and consultant, Cameron holds a BA in Arts Management & Entrepreneurship; Applied Music; Spanish from Baldwin Wallace University and an MA in Theatre Arts – Arts Administration from The University of Akron. Cameron began singing with the BW Men’s Chorus in the fall of 2014, began interning with the group in 2016, and began his professional role with the chorus and the BW Community Arts School in 2020. In addition to his role with the BWMC, Cameron is on the faculty and serves as the Director of Performing Arts at Walsh Jesuit High School, where he directs choirs and theatre, and teaches courses in Fine Arts and Business. Cameron owns a multi-discipline, project-based production company called The Curio Cabinet Network, LLC (through which he produces “Cam-e-grams,” original songs commissioned for various occasions), maintains an active schedule as a freelance vocalist, entertainer and consultant, and liturgical musician/cantor, regionally and nationally, and serves on the Board of Directors of Akron’s Center for Applied Theatre and Active Culture.