Dr. Karren Melik-Stepanov

Laura Davies

Dr. Karren Melik-Stepanov was serving on the faculty of Augustana University for 27 years where he taught Applied Cello, Chamber Music, and String Pedagogy Class. His cello students have been prizewinners at many competitions. Prior to coming to America, Dr. Melik-Stepanov served as a Professor of Cello and Chamber Music at the Azerbaijan National Conservatory of Music. Many of his former students are now pursuing very successful musical careers in the USA, Europe, Russia, Baltic, and Caucasians Countries.

Dr. Melik-Stepanov teaches music for all levels including all works of concert cellists’ repertoire. He has appeared as a soloist, chamber musician, and clinician throughout America, Europe, and Russia. He also performs all major works written for his instrument.

Dr. Melik-Stepanov earned his Master’s Degree and an Artist’s Diploma in Cello Performance from the Azerbaijan National Conservatory of Music and his Doctorate Degree in Cello Performance and Chamber Music from the Armenian Conservatory of Music. He counts one of the most renowned world cellists, Mstislav Rostropovich, as his principal cello teacher. In addition to his solo and teaching careers, Dr. Melik-Stepanov was serving as a principal cellist for several major orchestras.