The Baldwin Wallace Community Arts School dance curriculum is based on a pyramid, or stacking, method where all technique basics are used as building blocks to more challenging steps. This method ensures that all technique is constantly developed and that all students get a comprehensive education with no gaps in their training. This also promotes safe, healthy and level-appropriate instruction for all students. The BW CAS dance curriculum also focuses on artistic quality and self-expression to ensure we are building confident dance artists. 

Dance classes with prerequisites require that a student be promoted by BW CAS class exam OR permission from the BW CAS Director of Dance. To obtain permission from the Director of Dance students will need to come to BW CAS, at a mutually agreed upon time, to participate in a quick evaluation. These evaluations ensure our students' safety and make sure every student has the foundation needed to progress to the next level. To schedule an evaluation please contact us.

The Baldwin Wallace Community Arts School dance department uses an exam method that and allows our leadership team to see the progress of each student when considering promotion of class levels. This ensures every student is progressing at their highest personal level. Taking place during class time in the Spring, these exams provide an occasion for all students and families to receive written feedback about their student’s progress. 

After exams have been completed, families will also be able to set up one-on-one conferences with the CAS Director of Dance to discuss their results and their student’s dance goals. It is anticipated that students may need to spend multiple years within a level to completely master the content within that level. Promotion each year is not guaranteed or expected.