June 21 - 26, 2020

Dance is a fun and lively art form that teaches students to use their own bodies as an instrument of expression using technique and movement in a multitude of styles. Dance students develop positive forms of self-expression and are taught the ability to make creative choices, which leads to increased confidence, independence and critical thinking skills. Dancing gives students an outlet for their emotions and promotes a positive way for students to confidently express their feelings, thoughts and ideas.

Dancers are trained in movement in a way that promotes coordination, motor skills, flexibility, strength and stamina. This knowledge leads to increased physical fitness, exercise habits and a long-term healthy lifestyle.

Students of dance are taught to develop time management and critical thinking skills, musicality, education about different cultures, understanding of their own body and its abilities, as well as creativity and confidence. 

Students participating in a dance program learn social skills, teamwork and good sportsmanship. Dance students build friendships that can last a lifetime! 

What makes Dance at CAS different?

  • CAS Dance is a unique type of dance conservatory that focuses on exemplary multigenre training for all students, at all levels of engagement, in a non-competitive environment. Our dance classes are designed to meet each student where they are, while focusing on a positive, fun, uplifting, family-friendly environment that is based upon individual strengths and achievements rather than competition.
  • We pride ourselves on our warm, engaging environment. Our goal is to have every student fall in love with dance and the arts. Our instructors work hard to ensure every child is having fun, feels safe, and is accepted for who they are as an individual.
  • The BW CAS Dance faculty is composed entirely of professionally trained instructors who bring a combination of professional experience, teaching experience, degrees and elite certifications to the team. Each instructor has passed thorough background checks, and every class we offer is taught with professionalism and expertise.
  • The CAS dance program focuses on training on and beyond the dance floor. We are not just training dance technique; we are nurturing the student and artist as a whole person.
  • We believe every student deserves individual attention so our class sizes are small. Our low student-to-teacher ratio ensures no student slips through the cracks or feels left behind.
  • Our dance curriculum ensures that all students have the foundational study needed to progress to harder concepts and techniques. This approach promotes an environment of safety and is purposefully designed so that no student has gaps in their technical knowledge or ability. Every student is well prepared to try a higher-level skill.
  • CAS Dance uses class examination placements to ensure each student is learning at the most appropriate level. Examinations provide students and parents with a clear set of expectations for promotion to the next level but also challenge students to develop their self-confidence and take ownership of their dance journey. Examinations are a celebratory moment where students are rewarded for their hard work.
  • We are committed to abandoning stereotypical gender roles and allowing each dancer to be their own unique self. We believe that dancers are artistic athletes and that they need to have physical strength, grace, vulnerability and power regardless of gender.
  • CAS Dance provides our dancers with meaningful performance opportunities that promote creative growth. By being non-competitive, our faculty create thought-provoking, significant performance opportunities for our dancers.
  • The CAS Dance student portal is available to every student at every level. These portals allow students to have immediate access to their class curriculum, things to practice at home, and choreography they may be working on.
  • Our connection to Baldwin Wallace University gives our students unique opportunities for collaboration, instruction from collegiate faculty, and opportunities to use university practice and performance spaces. Our students also have access to the many performances, concerts and lectures that the University provides to the public. 
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