Workshops at Community Arts School

Workshops at CAS are unique one-time experiences designed to give students an immersive and challenging taste of particular genres. Our workshops are taught by our expert, caring, and engaging BW CAS faculty. Offered in a variety of disciplines and for all age groups, there is something for every member of the family to explore!

Looking for more than a one-time experience? Visit our classes page to learn about multi-week class opportunities. 

Dance Workshops

The Baldwin Wallace Community Arts School Dance Department trains young dancers to have solid technical foundations, a passion for the arts, positive self-expression and confidence. Learn more about the CAS Dance Department.

No classes available.

Music Workshops

General information about the department goes here. Learn more about the CAS Music Department.

No classes available.

Theatre Workshops

Theatre Workshops are unique, one-time, in person, experiences designed around a specific theatre and improv topics. Learn more about the CAS Theatre Department.

No classes available.

Visual Art Workshops

Visual Art workshops are great ways to be introduced to a new art form or to sharpen your skills in a short, one-time experience. Learn more about the CAS Visual Art Department.

No classes available.