June 21 - 26, 2020

ENSEMBLE Placement Recording

*Note: These procedures are for string, choir and band camp only.

In order to pre-assign ensembles and select appropriate repertoire for each group, students are required to submit a one-minute recording of a piece, excerpt, etude, or exercise that they have studied and/or performed. This selection should authentically showcase the student’s ability on their instrument. It is not suggested a student select a piece they are just beginning to study. 

Recordings must be uploaded to Flip via the form on your registration.

DVD and CD audition videos mailed to our office will NOT be accepted.

You may complete your registration to secure your spot at camp before submitting your ensemble placement recording. Students must upload their recording no later than Friday, May 19th.

Helpful Hints 
  • Choosing the most difficult piece, excerpt, etude, or exercise does not always showcase the students' abilities to their best advantage. Conversely, picking material that is overly simple will work against a student because it is difficult to gauge his or her playing ability accurately. Consultation with the student's school music teacher or private lesson teacher is always suggested. 
  • Most devices capture high-quality video and audio. For ease, we encourage you to use your smartphone, iPad or computer to record your audition.
  • If accompanied (not required), please ensure the recording device is closer to the student than the accompanist and not located on top or near the piano.
  • Please listen to your recording before submitting to check for audio quality and playback issues. 
  • Don’t worry! It’s OK to record yourself several times and submit the one you like best. We are listening for ability, not perfection!
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Please refer to our FAQ page if you have any questions, or contact us at sap@bw.edu or 440-826-2482.