Soul Ingredients® with Dr. Trineice Robinson-Martin

Hosted with the 2023 Online LoVetri Institute for Somatic Voicework™
The original CCM Vocal Pedagogy course offered in partnership with Baldwin Wallace University.


What is Soul Ingredients® Methodology?
Soul Ingredients® is a voice teaching method created by Dr. Trineice Robinson-Martin for developing the voice while fostering personal style and soul expression. This methodology uses a strategic combination of science-based voice pedagogy and standard pedagogic concepts found within the oral teaching tradition of African American folk-based music styles (gospel, jazz, soul, hip-hop) to develop unique artists and musical storytellers regardless of musical genre. Through this uniquely designed methodology, the historical, artistic and improvisational techniques of African American music merge with science based vocal technique in an exploration of how each individual performer's physical, emotional and cultural perceptions can expand their artistry.

Soul Ingredients® is voice pedagogy according to science; voice training according to style; and artist development rooted in personal soul expression.  

When Science Meets Soul: Level I
Introduction to Soul Ingredients® Methodology
(for Somatic Voicework™ Level II Graduates)
July 28 - 30, 2023
When Science Meets Soul Level I: Soul ingredients® Methodology is the 3-day intensive course that introduces professional voice users, teachers, and SLP to a vocabulary for teaching music and working with singers and musical styles rooted in, and influenced by, African American folk-based music styles and music traditions. Each day presents a focused area in Soul Ingredients® Methodology: Developing the Sound, Developing the Style, Developing the Story.

When Science Meets Soul: Level II
Developing the Artist: Developing Personalized Plans
(for Somatic Voicework™ Level II & Soul Ingredients® Level I Graduates)
August 4 - 6, 2023
When Science Meets Soul Level II provides next-level strategies for developing authentic creative vocal artists. Using the Soul Ingredients® Method, teachers and singers learn to use a customizable framework that identifies parameters of excellence that are both unique for each student yet culturally viable for the style the artist performs. Fostering next-level performers, When Science Meets Soul Level II explores the voice, the sound, and the story from the perspective of intermediate to advanced level singers and creative musical artists.

*Graduate level CEUs are available for music educators through Baldwin Wallace University School of Education for this course.

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Dr. Trineice Robinson-Martin