LoVetri Institute for Somatic Voicework™

The LoVetri Institute in partnership with Baldwin Wallace University Conservatory of Music

July 9 - 17, 2022

Somatic Voicework™ Levels I - III
July 9 - 11, 2022: Level I
July 12 - 14, 2022: Level II
July 15 - 17, 2022: Level III

Post-Level Courses
July 9 - 11, 2022: Singing & Speaking for the Transgender or Gender Non-Binary Client
July 15 - 17, 2022: When Science Meets Soul: Level I - Introduction to Soul Ingredients® Methodology
July 15 - 16, 2022: Vocal Health Intensive
July 22 - 24, 2022: When Science Meets Soul: Level II - Developing the Artist


Vocal Health and Soul Ingredients® Level I Registration Deadline: July 14

Soul Ingredients® Level II Registration Deadline: July 20

U.S. participants: register by June 28, 2022 to receive your books prior to the course.
International participants: register as soon as possible; we will begin sending books mid-April. Due to international mail constraints, we will send books early.

A physical copy of each Level's Somatic Voicework™ course book will automatically be added to your registration for $25.00. Course books are required for all new participants and those who have a previous version of the book (printed prior to 2018).

An electronic, non-downloadable, version of the course book will also be available to all participants on Google Classroom during the course.

pianist and vocalist at LoVetri Institute


Tuition & Registration

Online Tuition: $350.00 per Course, plus $25.00 required course book for Levels I - III

Online Re-certification: Participants who have completed any Course and plan to retake it are eligible for a discounted rate of $200.00 per Level. To obtain the discount code, email and indicate where and when you were previously certified.

Limited automatic payment plans are available.

Registration Deadline: July 3, 2022
To receive a hard copy of the Levels I - III Somatic Voicework course book(s) prior to the course, register by June 28, 2022.

Vocal Health and Soul Ingredients® Level I Registration Deadline: July 14 
Soul Ingredients® Level I Registration Deadline: July 20

Somatic Voicework™ Course Descriptions


Post-Level Course Descriptions


Daily Schedule

The Institute will be presented live, online, 11:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. EDT daily, with some optional office hours available in the morning and evening.

Daily Schedules:
Somatic Voicework Level I - Daily Schedule
Somatic Voicework Level II - Daily Schedule
Somatic Voicework Level III - Daily Schedule

Participating from a Different Time Zone
For those with scheduling challenges, or who live in a time zone where completing the institute in real-time will present challenges, there is an option to complete any Level of the Institute in a time-adjusted format.

Those not able to complete the institute in real-time will have 48-hours to review video material from each day, along with special required daily tests to confirm attendance.

Breakout sessions that require “live” participation will be set up with Somatic Voicework™ faculty to review foundational materials in real-time; and for these special participants, multiple times will be offered to facilitate all aspects of the work of the Institute.

There will be a quiz or a test at the end of each Day for all participants to confirm understanding and attendance.  Participants watching the recordings and participating in the alternative breakout sessions will have 48 hours to complete their work.


Senior Faculty

The senior faculty are both experts in the method and are excellent examples of how this work, which started out as being unique to Jeannette LoVetri, can be used effectively by everyone. They bring decades of experience as educators and vocalists to Somatic Voicework™ and understand the open-hearted philosophy which brings together science and art, pedagogy and personal expression, and a trust of the body’s ability to produce beautiful, authentic sound in any voice and in any style.





Guest Faculty


Additional Information