Art Exploration

Art exploration classes are designed to introduce students ages 8-14 to the fundamentals of visual art and its connection to the world around them! In these mixed-media, 12-week classes, students will begin to understand concepts like perspective, highlighting, shading, and design through investigation of historical artwork and hands-on creation of their own projects. 

Art Exploration 1

Students will learn about 3D perspective, highlighting and shading through investigation of artworks. They will also learn how to draw from inspiration by understanding how abstraction can emphasize feelings and ideas, and apply that to their art. Students will explore how artists depict different time periods in history by creating their own prints, sculptures and paintings, all while learning about the art's history and important artists during that time period.  


Art Exploration 2

This class expands students’ knowledge of visual art concepts and their cultural significance through fun and challenging individual projects. While learning about art and architecture from Egypt, Greece, Rome and China, students will expand their skills with color, design, and perspective. Projects explore decorative design and architectural concepts of balance, symmetry, and unity. Students will also learn about other various cultures to apply their concepts to designing masks and how to express complex ideas in their artwork. No prerequisite required.