Summer Ballet

The BW CAS ballet program focuses on foundational ballet technique, terminology, positions, placement, movement, and theories. Students will be challenged to begin developing cardiovascular stamina, strength, and flexibility in addition to healthy habits, dedication, coordination, strength, and an appreciation for the arts. Focus will also be placed on developing positive self-expression and confidence.

BW CAS dance classes are led by our caring, engaging, and expert faculty who are dedicated to nurturing all students in their love of dance and challenging all dancers to achieve new dance skills.

The BW CAS Summer Ballet class will be a week-long class allowing our students to experience all of the benefits of a ballet class with less time commitment. Dancers will attend the class for one hour every evening for 5 days.

Option 1: any color and style leotard, pink or flesh-toned ballet shoes
Option 2: any solid color t-shirt or tank top, black dance shorts, black or flesh-toned full sole ballet shoes

BW CAS recommends Footsteps Dancewear for all dance apparel and dance shoe purchases.