College/University Students

Community Arts School ensembles, classes and private lessons. Often, students are provided reduced or discounted tuition. Current BW students can apply CAS tuition on their BW tuition account.

The Community Arts School offerings are also a great way for undergraduate students to gain valuable field experience and assist qualified faculty in leading programming. This opportunity for undergraduate students also deepens the learning experiences for community members as students often serve as an extension to faculty and can provide one-on-one assistance as needed. Students interested in engaging with the Community Arts School as an assistant should contact the office or call us at 440-826-2365.

Private Lessons

University students seeking any degree can participate in private lessons (not for credit) through the Community Arts School. It is encouraged students take a sample lesson with a private lesson instructor before committing to the semester in order to ensure an appropriate match. BW students can apply the tuition for these private lessons back to their student tuition account if requested. Please contact us with your private lesson inquiry to be provided more information on our private lesson offerings, faculty availability and rates.

Students seeking to teach private lessons through the Community Arts School must meet certain qualifications and class requirements should contact Cory Isler, associate director, CAS, through our contact form.



There are a number of class offerings available for University students. Classes are a great way to explore a new artform or escape from a busy day of studying to create and explore a new artform! If students are uncertain about if the class is appropriate for their age or skill level, they are encouraged to contact the CAS office. Classes cannot be taken for credit.



Students attending any University can participate in our two community-based choral ensembles as well as play or assist as a volunteer with our New Horizons Band or Orchestra program. These opportunities are a great way to extend study outside of the classroom, continue a passion to be musically involved or begin a new musical pursuit! Each ensemble offers a unique and supportive culture with ample opportunities to perform throughout the year. Ensembles partner with professional artists and often engage world-class clinicians during rehearsals and workshops. These offerings cannot be taken for credit.