Dance Class Bundles

CAS dance believes in a well-rounded, multi-genre approach to dance education. Training in multiple styles of dance helps dancers develop more strength, flexibility and artistry that helps them become the best dancer they can be. With this philosophy in mind, we have created dance bundles as an option for our students. Bundled dance classes are designed to work together to allow students to experience multiple dance genres and get the most out of their dance training. Dance bundles are presented with a convenient schedule and a reduced cost to make this experience easy and accessible for our families.

Early Learners Bundle This bundle is designed for our youngest students and combines either Intro to Dance or Pre-Ballet/Tap (depending on student age) with Pee-wee Acro to expose dancers to multiple genres while setting a firm foundation for their future dance endeavors. 

Ballet Tune Up Bundle Designed for ballet dancers looking to enhance their current ballet training. This bundle combines a ballet class (at a level appropriate to the dancer), yoga, and character dance class. The combination of these three genres will reinforce proper technique and allow dancers the opportunity to develop their self-expression, artistry and unique style.

Advanced Ballet Bundle Designed for serious ballet dancers looking to take their current ballet training to the next level. This bundle offers everything included in the Ballet Tune Up Bundle with an additional ballet class and pointe class (for eligible students).

Teen Training Troupe (T3) This bundle is designed for students age 12+ who are new to dance or who have little previous dance training. Dancers will train as a team for three hours per week while studying jazz, contemporary and ballet.