Elementary School Offerings

The Community Arts School has a number of offerings for elementary students who may be interested in dance, music and theatre. We aim to support and enhance the art education available within each childs’ primary education where available. Our faculty are dedicated to providing instruction that is relatable, educational and fun! It's never to early to begin exploring! 


The Baldwin Wallace Community Arts School Dance Department begins dance education at an early age. At the elementary school level all participants can choose a personal enrichment path or to audition for a BW CAS  Dance Company.

We have a number of options that are perfect for any students who are looking to begin or foster their love for dance through single or multiple weekly classes in various dance genres. These classes follow a pathway style curriculum to ensure that each student is progressing at his/her own rate and has access to the best possible dance education for their level.


Instrumental Music

Creating a solid musical foundation for students to succeed through instrumental education is something we take seriously. Whether it be through private instruction, through the CAS Suzuki Center or in a CAS Youth Orchestra (grades 4-12), students at an early age can begin to explore and begin forming habits of quality and appropriate practice. Our faculty use a wide-variety of teaching techniques and tools to meet the needs of every individual early learner.


Through the art of play students learn the basics of theatre. These classes are designed to be creative outlets for our young-theatre folk. Developing body awareness, listening and cooperation skills are key to their building their theatre foundation. We focus on imagination and fun, to actively engage students in storytelling from the ground up!

Visual Art

Visual art classes and instruction at BW’s Community Art School provide challenging courses and a creative outlet for students of all experience levels. Refine your skills as an artist, or discover a completely new art form as a beginner to expand your skills. As an extension of Baldwin Wallace University, courses leverage resources and expertise of the University to provide the community with a high-level of instruction.