Homeschool Program

Baldwin Wallace Community Arts School’s homeschool program is designed to expose area homeschool students to a broad offering of arts instruction throughout the academic year. Our classes engage students’ creativity, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills through high-quality visual and performing arts education. Meeting on the first Wednesday of each month, CAS faculty lead students in a different art form covering topics in the area of theatre, dance, music and visual art instruction.

Our Classes

The Homeschool Program at CAS offers an introduction to four art disciplines, inspiring creative thinking and self-confidence in a supportive and friendly environment. Students are encouraged to participate in all eight classes throughout the academic year, but it is not required.

Theatre: Starting with a foundation of creative discovery and play, students explore the world of theatre and ensemble work through games and storytelling. Examples of skills learned may include focusing on a partner (or partners), sharing the stage/space with others, cooperation, and bringing a story to life.

Dance: Students will be guided through introductory instruction to dance and self-expression through movement, focusing on coordination, flexibility and strength in an environment that encourages teamwork and confidence.

Music: Classes focus on the fundamentals of music making, including rhythm, pitch and musical story-telling. Examples of activities may include aligning body movement with musical ideas, vocalizing pitches, and interactive musical games.

Visual Art: Our visual art classes provide a welcoming environment where students are free to create and explore the world of visual art. Classes may include drawing, cartooning, or jewelry making.