Message about the BW Women's Chorus Spring 2021 - 

The goal of the BW Women's Chorus Project is to keep current and previous members connected and singing.

The BW Women's Chorus Project offered in Spring 2021 provides members with an opportunity to meet together as a community via Zoom every Tuesday to discuss music topics and repertoire. Additionally, through our continued relationship with the Baldwin Wallace Music Education department, BW Women's Chorus members receive virtual sectionals every week taught by Music Education students. Throughout the semester, members will be working on repertoire that will be recorded individually and assembled as a full ensemble for a final presentation. 

The BW Women's Chorus Project starts in February for a 10-week semester that concludes instruction in April. There is a final viewing celebration to view the recorded semester repertoire. 

The BW Community Arts School continues to monitor health and safety guidelines to make necessary changes semester by semester that fulfills the mission of the BW Women's Chorus, and best serves its members. 

Are you interested in additional information about this project? Contact program coordinator Jeanette Hagerty at 440-826-2374 or

contact for additional information

History of the BW Women's Chorus

Please note that due to health and safety concerns, the BW Women's Chorus Program is currently offering a virtual project format as described above. Information below reflects details of the traditional in-person program.

The BW Women's Chorus is a long standing offering of the Community Arts School and is open to women high school age and up throughout the Greater Cleveland community including BW faculty, staff and students.