Meet Our Student Team

October 20, 2020

Julia Morreale

Year: Senior

Hometown: Buffalo, NY

Major: Music Education

I chose BW because of the community and belonging I felt immediately. I attended CSI (Conservatory Summer Institute) before my senior year of high school and never looked back. The music education program had a great reputation, but even more importantly, I felt at home.

Favorite Late Night Snack: Chocolate chip cookies

Guilty Pleasure: Grey’s Anatomy or Schitt’s Creek

Fun Fact:  I took a class in high school that certified me to be an Emergency Medical Technician. Luckily, I’ve never had to use it!

Working with CAS: What surprised me most about working with CAS was the positive relationships I felt with the team so quickly. The atmosphere is very welcoming and celebrates everyone's unique qualities.


Maegen Holm

Year: Senior

Hometown: Medina, Ohio

Major: Arts Management & Entrepreneurship

I initially chose BW because of the location and small class sizes. My favorite part about being a student here is the welcoming and supportive community that the school brings!

Guilty Pleasures: I love ice cream and binging Schitt’s Creek!

Fun Fact: I run an Etsy shop where I sell earrings and keychains.

Working with CAS: Something that has surprised me about working for CAS is the meaningful relationships I have already been able to build in my short time as an intern! I am eager to learn and grow more through working with this organization and continuing to build these relationships!


Lorenzo Rivera

Year: Junior

Hometown: Strongsville, Ohio

Majors: Arts Management and Digital Marketing

Minor: Applied Music

I took interest in BW's variety of amazing programs, specifically within the arts. I started at BW as a Saxophone Performance major, not really sure about how I wanted to apply my artistic passion to my future profession. Upon learning about Arts Management, I was instantly intrigued and knew this was the perfect major to prepare me for what I wanted to do in the future.

Favorite Movie: Parasite

Fun Fact: I also play the clarinet!

Working with CAS: My favorite thing about working for CAS is the fun office camaraderie.


Meegahn Roesler

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Wausau, WI

Major: Music Education, Voice Primary

I chose BW after attending the Community Arts school CSI (Conservatory Summer Institute) and VPI (Voice Performance Intensive) programs because I got to know the tight-knit community and passionate professors.

Guilty Pleasures: Gilmore Girls and Sour Patch Kids

Fun Fact: I love knitting, crochet, cross stitch, and embroidery.

Working with CAS: Working for the CAS has been incredible, my favorite part has been making deeper connections with the music community!

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