Lauren Hodgson

BW Community Arts School

Lauren Hodgson is a Dalcroze Eurhythmics educator, pianist, and BW Conservatory faculty member who has been with the Baldwin Wallace University Community Arts School since 2017. She finds joy in teaching children and adults of all ages and has a special interest in finding innovative avenues for high-quality, experience-based music education in any learning environment.

Lauren is a candidate for the Master of Arts in Music Education at Case Western Reserve University, where she serves as a research assistant. Her research interests lie in the area of musical embodiment and exploring musical and educational values that influence cognitive, social and motor development. Lauren completed her undergraduate studies in piano at Baldwin Wallace University Conservatory of Music and her Dalcroze Certificate and License at the Dalcroze School of the Rockies.

Lauren is on the summer faculty at the BW Conservatory Summer Institute where she teaches pre-college students, and the Dalcroze School of the Rockies Dalcroze Academy, where she inspires future Dalcroze educators. She serves as vice-chair on the Dalcroze Society of America Board of Trustees. She resides in Cleveland, Ohio with her husband and their dog.