Summer Arts Programs Staff

Applications for BW Camp Staff are no longer being accepted for 2023. Current staff, please see Staff Headquarters for more information!

BW Community Arts School engages current college students as counselors for our Summer Arts Programs. Counselors are an integral aspect of our summer programming and are partly responsible for student supervision.

CAS is hiring counselors for 3 weeks of summer programming. Preference will be given to those with more than 1 week of availability. Weeks 1 and 2 have the greatest need.

Week 1 (String & Choir Camp for grades 5-10): June 17-22, 2023
Week 2 (Band & Music Theatre Camp for grades 5-10): June 26-July 1, 2023
Week 3 (Conservatory Summer Institute & Dance Immersion): July 8-15, 2023



Read about our 5-10 Music Camps, Conservatory Summer Institute, and Dance Immersion for more information on each program!

Acting as a SAP Counselor is an immersive learning opportunity for any college student. While many of our camp staff are pre-service educators, this is not a requirement. Any college student interested in working with students should apply. Through a counselor position, you are able to form deep connections with students and other counselors and create memories that will last a lifetime. Summer programming can be an incredibly impactful aspect of a student's life, and we are looking for counselors who take that influence seriously.

Your on-site responsibilities throughout the program will vary. Overall, counselors are responsible for ensuring students are punctual, assisting in rehearsals, and supervising during meals and free time, including in the dorm before lights out. Counselors may have the opportunity to lead sectionals or large-group rehearsals.

Camp staff should plan to arrive 2 days before the start of their week for an in-depth training session on leadership, team building, group management, and more. There will be online training sessions prior to arrival on campus. In addition to training, you will have a chance to decorate your hallway, get to know your fellow counselors, and talk with SAP leadership about your goals for the week.


Pay Per Week: $500

Room and Board is included at no cost to staff.


Please complete the below application detailing your relevant experience, preferred weeks and programs, and any other applicable information. Applications open December 1, 2022.

Application Process and Timeline:

1) Complete Application by April 1, 2023 (for new and returning staff)
2) Interview (for new staff only - early April) 
3) Notification of Hire (mid/late April)